(Harry: Examine sewing table.)

TG: ok, there's a bunch of sharp things here.

AG: Pity You aren't one of them! Lol.

TG: oh har har.

AG: So, Wh8t are we Working with?

TG: it's mostly just pins and needles.

TG: i doubt they'll be much good.

AG: Are you Kidding????????

AG: Needles are awesome!

AG: They're wh8t my Mom uses.

AG: She could pro8a8ly skin you Alive with a pair if she w8nted.

TG: well, i don't doubt that.

TG: but maybe not this type of needle.

AG: Come on, you Know you want to.

TG: no, that would be so dumb!

TG: these things are way too small.

TG: i'd be the world's worst acupuncturist or something.

TG: i think i'll just go with this pair of scissors instead.

AG: 8oooooooo.