(Harry: Select "SCISSORKIND".)

TG: ok, there we go.

AG: I Knew All Along That You Had It In You.

TG: so i guess this means...

TG: i've allocated the strife specibus with the scissorkind abstratus?

TG: hm.

TG: using this weird vocab and stuff feels... well, weird.

TG: i'm not sure why, but it seems as though everything that's about to happen is that much more important now.

TG: or maybe it already was, but i just didn't understand just how important until this moment.

TG: sometimes maybe all you need to bring a feeling home to you is some nonsense sounding words that possibly don't mean anything.

TG: this is what we learn in the theatre.

AG: Sounds f8ke as Shit to me.

TG: well, yeah.

TG: sigh.

TG: i think...

TG: it's just a sense, but,

TG: i have a feeling it's going to be...

TG: ...

AG: ?????????

TG: bluh, nevermind. lost my train of thought.

AG: Okay, well it Can't have 8een that import8nt.

AG: 8ut either way, we don't have any more Time for this.

AG: Hurry 8ack downstairs.

AG: Vriska's w8ing.