-- adamantGriftress [AG] began pestering glutinousGymnast [GG] --

AG: Hey.

GG: Vrissy,,, its the middle of the night,,,

AG: Oh, quit whining.

AG: It's not like I woke you up, right?

GG: Well,,, no,,,

GG: But thats beside the point,,,

GG: Weve got a big day tomorrow,,,

GG: And today was,,,

GG: A bit of an ordeal,,, to say the least,,,

AG: Yeah.

AG: You can say Th8t again.

GG: Do you,,, want to talk about it,,,?

GG: ,,,

GG: Hello,,,?

AG: I was just t8lking to Harry for a moment. Chill.

GG: Oh,,, okay,,,

GG: I didnt know he was still up,,,

GG: Its been awfully quiet on the top bunk,,,

AG: You two are Sharing, right?

AG: I 8et that's weird.

GG: Hah,,, it is a little,,,

GG: I havent ever shared a bedroom before,,,

GG: Not even for a slumber party,,,

AG: Tavvy, you are just a8out the saddest person I've ever met.