AG: So anyway, what's keeping You up, nerd?

AG: Things worked out Pretty Well for you tod8y, huh.

TG: well, i dunno about that.

AG: Oh Come On, I saw how happy you were when your dad mentioned spending some Time Together.

AG: It was...

TG: ...

TG: was...?

AG: Ugh.

AG: It was Cute, 8lright????????

AG: Or, at the very least, a 8*cketload less vomit worthy than everything else that Went Down with our parents.

TG: dude, no.

TG: nothing about my dad is cute.

TG: what are you even saying.

AG: Lmao.

TG: seriously!

TG: i think he has something against that word, even. he gets super weird about it.

AG: He's a strange and funny m8n.

TG: yeah.

TG: ...

TG: i think something bad must have happened.