AG: I just don't understand why they didn't TELL anyone a8out it!

GG: Uh huh,,,

AG: I mean, it's ins8ne!

AG: It doesn't m8ke even the slightest 8it of fucking sense.

AG: They just went 8ehind everyone's backs and had a secret child, and NO8ODY knew about it?

AG: Except for the fucking 8atterwitch, apparently????????

GG: ,,,

AG: And the worst part was they didn't even fight a8out it!

AG: That made me madder than 8nything else.

AG: It felt like I was the only person who even W8S mad!

GG: I dont think thats true,,,

AG: What would you know a8out it?!

GG: Maybe nothing,,,

GG: Sorry,,,

GG: Its just,,,

GG: To me,,, all the way through the conversation,,, aunt kanaya looked even angrier than you,,,

AG: ...

AG: Adults are so fucking weird.