TG: i saw the adults a little while ago when i snuck out to get some water.

TG: dad was sitting in the cafeteria with aunt jade and your moms.

TG: it looked like they were discussing something important... they were whispering and stuff.

AG: That's nothing unusual.

AG: It was probably Str8tegic 8usiness for tomorrow.

TG: i thought that too, at first. but they were the only ones there.

TG: and something didn't look right.

TG: the mood was serious, yes, but...

AG: What were they doing?

TG: well, aunt rose and aunt jade were sitting either side of dad and the three of them were sort of huddled together.

TG: they didn't notice me, they all had their backs turned.

TG: aunt kanaya's was the only face i could see.

TG: she was standing next to them, but she wasn't looking at what was going on.

TG: almost like she couldn't bear to.

AG: I doubt it. Kanaya's got a8out as much Emotivity as a very reclusive stone.

TG: ok, i think that is bullshit but whatever.

TG: she saw me standing there, but didn't say anything. she just shook her head slightly, and pointed back out into the hallway i came down.

TG: so i just went straight back to bed. i forgot to get the water in the end.

AG: Hm.

TG: that's not the only strange thing, though.

TG: i mean, have you seen uncle dave recently?

AG: Th8t old loser?

AG: No.

TG: right.

TG: doesn't that strike you as odd?

AG: I guesadxcxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

TG: vrissy?