-- thespiansGlamor [TG] began pestering glutinousGymnast [GG] --

TG: hey, tav.

TG: are you still talking to vrissy down there?

GG: No,,, im not,,,

GG: I was until a short while ago,,,

TG: oh, huh.

GG: I think she might have succumbed to sleep quite suddenly,,,

GG: It would explain the,,,,,, interesting messages I've been getting for a while,,,

TG: hehe.

TG: i guess that tracks.

TG: she does that from time to time.

GG: We should probably try and sleep too,,, harry anderson,,,

TG: yeah.

TG: ...

TG: tav?

GG: Yes,,, harry anderson,,,?

TG: what does it feel like to know someone who's died?