DAVEBOT: ok heres one

DAVEBOT: how old do you think you are

ARADIA: emotionally?

ARADIA: that is a pretty heavy topic

DAVEBOT: you know damn well thats not what i meant

ARADIA: you know I have been through a lot dave


ARADIA: its just so kind of someone

DAVEBOT: ok i get it

ARADIA: to finally ask how i feel

ARADIA: i am beside myself with emotions

ARADIA: i want to open up

DAVEBOT: jesus christ

ARADIA: shall i open up about my past traumas to you

ARADIA: would you enjoy that

ARADIA: to think even a frog like me can work through their pain with a dear friend

ARADIA: you have truly blessed me on this day dave strider

DAVEBOT: i know you arent a frog anymore which is fucking tragic

DAVEBOT: can you imagine

DAVEBOT: the absolutely insane tomfoolery we could get into

DAVEBOT: just getting into some real frog based scenarios

DAVEBOT: times fun when youre having flies

ARADIA: yes that is how the saying goes

ARADIA: sorry to disappoint :o

DAVEBOT: im glad you finally said something

DAVEBOT: was thinking that apology might never come

DAVEBOT: practically giving me a complex how before now you never apologized to me that you arent a frog anymore

DAVEBOT: but apology accepted got the ribbits on lock

DAVEBOT: chronology respected got the tick got the tock

DAVEBOT: the clocks cuckoo im cocoa puffs the stuffs no mystery

DAVEBOT: serial scions of time psionic robot calibrate history

DAVEBOT: hoes mad hoes sad hoes a concept not a fact

DAVEBOT: lacking tact i stay stacked while i breach contract

DAVEBOT: sacred vows disavowed got divorce fever

DAVEBOT: i leave her

DAVEBOT: dont look back dont perceive her

ARADIA: do you want to talk about it :(

DAVEBOT: about what

ARADIA: would you say you are hung up on leaving your wife and friends behind

DAVEBOT: are you

ARADIA: am i hung up about leaving your wife and friends behind

ARADIA: i do not think that i am no

DAVEBOT: arent you even a little guilty about ditching your boyfriend

ARADIA: what

ARADIA: oh fuck