DAVE: not gonna come over here huh

DAVE: no its cool

DAVE: dont get up i know jakes shitty furniture pile is the most comfortable seat in the house

DAVE: wouldnt want to interrupt whatever important mushroom business you got goin on

DAVE: say hi to shiitake for me

DAVE: thats the only mushroom i know this bits falling apart fast back me up

ROXY: theres toadstools

DAVE: thats what i like to hear anyway wow just like in my video games

DAVE: only i wouldnt be caught dead playing that baby shit

DAVE: im a serious gamer who demands a serious ancillary video game guy

DAVE: only the most grizzled and and war hardened men doing only the most upsettingly ludicrous maneuvers can whet my discerning appetite

ROXY: dave my guy

ROXY: gotta stay on task

DAVE: yeah roxy get it together ive had just about enough of your tangents

DAVE: have some pride man

ROXY: lmao oh ok you got me

ROXY: anyways we need to talk about ship etiquette