DAVE: just gonna out and say it huh

DAVE: and you know what its about damn time

DAVE: the absolute disrespect i get around here for just living my truest life

DAVE: spitting only these hard truths

DAVE: practically a bard sayin hard sooths

ROXY: this is unfair because u know i usually love ur little raps

DAVE: little raps he says

DAVE: i know youre just trying to distract me from the heinous display of aggression you just dumped on me

DAVE: ship etiquette like i dont know what youre trying to say to me

DAVE: what kind of hapless rube do you take me for

ROXY: tbh that makes this all kinds of easier

DAVE: look we both know you dont need to be gay to see that sasuke and naruto love eachother thats just stone cold facts

ROXY: u cant bait me like this

ROXY: i know u know i cant resist talking about which anime boys kiss which anime boyz(™)

ROXY: but thats not the kind of ship im talkin about

ROXY: its actually a lil incredible youd jump there considerin we live on a space ship

ROXY: but if this is how i need to frame this with u then yes sure a certain ship has gotten outta hand

DAVE: have no idea what youre talking about