JOHN: it's not like i could forget!

ROXY: ya i guess u only really saw the living room when you were here the other day but i have changed some stuff up

ROXY: done a lil redecoratin here n there

ROXY: may have to do a smidge more if my old bff decides im next on the list for bombing out

ROXY: but so far so good

ROXY: just a coupla exploded cars in the yard from some shenanigans our dear son and his friends were in but u kno it is what it is!!!

ROXY: can i get u anything?

ROXY: just made some coffee

JOHN: no, uh, i'm good.

Roxy shrugs and swirls her own coffee around in her novelty mug. John looks around. A lot about the room is the same. The family photos, the rug. There's a lot more cat stuff in there now, though. The bed is new. John feels like he's about to take a test he hasn't studied for. He makes himself focus on what she's saying.