ROXY: suit yrself

ROXY: im of the opinion that it hits the fuckin spot after a night of watchin your friends and ex friends duke it out in some global warfare but 2 each his own

JOHN: haha yeah maybe in a bit.

JOHN: i'm still sort of waiting for everything that's happened in the past few days to catch up with me but i'm ok for now.

JOHN: so uh anyway.

JOHN: what was this favor?

ROXY: yo why dont u just come rest yr tush for a bit

ROXY: take a lil relax next 2 me here

JOHN: haha uh.

JOHN: roxy i uh.

JOHN: im flattered, but i don't know if that's really the right step right now.

JOHN: don't get me wrong, everything seems so fucked up right now that when i try to think about what might actually BE the right step, it feels like a huge cartoon question mark might physically manifest over my head.

JOHN: but I'm not sure if um rekindling our physical relationship is really the best--