ROXY: r u kiddin me rn egbert

JOHN: i'm not? unless you were, in which case yeah lets say i was also kidding.

JOHN: oh my god, i'm sorry, i don't know why this making me freak out.

ROXY: i remember our past boot knockin with fondness but that is a situation im not interested in revisiting

ROXY: look john

ROXY: i was trying to be polite about it

ROXY: offering u sustenance n rest n all

ROXY: but you look like shit

ROXY: i just wanted to catch up on the whole heinous war situation were in and maybe check in on e/o before leaping strait to the real n actual nonsexual manual labor favor i have in mind for u

JOHN: oh.

John feels his shoulders unbunch. Of course. Yeah. He's almost embarrassed by how relieved he feels. So what if his ex wife wanted to hook up? Shouldn't that be a situation he could navigate? Don't people like to find solace in human physical connection during dire times? Why did the idea of it make his mind white out in panic more than, say, any number of the traumas he just experienced? He doesn't know, but he believes Roxy that he must look pretty haggard. He probably feels haggard? Maybe sitting down will feel better.