JOHN: holy shit?

ROXY: sorry to lop yet another huge scoop onto ur lil brains ice cream revelation sundae

JOHN: so wait, if this thing's always been under the bed, how'd you get down here before without me?

ROXY: well thats neither here nor there john

JOHN: i mean it is kinda. Here.

ROXY: fine ok checkmate

ROXY: i dont ACTUALLY need ur nerdgrit for this escapade

ROXY: like im sorry but i said it

ROXY: i mostly just wanted to see you and show u wats down here

ROXY: and also uve been ~sent for~

JOHN: ok but like

ROXY: john i am inviting u 2 my inner sanctum

ROXY: i am literally bringing out the word "sanctum" in case u werent already clued in 2 how cool this is

ROXY: so do u wanna go into my secret lair or wat

JOHN: yeah!?

JOHN: yes? i guess?

ROXY: aight good

ROXY: then as they told me in the hospital before lil h a was born

ROXY: just push