(Vriska: Snoop.)

JANE: -And that brings us to the final and most important part of this briefing.

JANE: We've just received information from our surveillance division that POI John Egbert was just in contact with POIs Calliope and... Roxy... Lalonde...

JANE: This is... regrettable, but it confirms one of our worst suspicions.

JANE: From the conversation recovered from Egbert's phone, we've learned that Roxy has been... conspiring alongside the rebels for months now. Operating a lab deep within the ruins of the Troll Memorial Meteor, she and her coconspirator Calliope are preparing some kind of super weapon they've dubbed "The Plot Point".

JANE: Heretofore referred to as The Point.

JANE: Though the troll meteor is situated halfway across the globe from the Lalonde residence, we've uncovered that she secretly makes her way to and from the lab via illegal transportalizer technology hidden in her home.

JANE: We will shortly be charting a course for our fleet to the Meteor in preparation for what very well may be our final battle against those flagitious rebels.

JANE: They intended for this weapon to be operated or piloted by one of our recently captured Vriskas...

JANE: Though the first is more of a nuisance than a threat, the other is an unpredictably dangerous, reckless antagonist!

JANE: It goes without saying that keeping these volatile voracious vixens (hoo hoo!) under lock and key is of the utmost importance.

JANE: I've received word that we have our top men on the job, so we can rest easy knowing we won't have to worry about that! :B

JANE: Now, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen...