VRISKA: John... do you really think I would need YOU to 8ust me out of some rinky dink operation like that?

VRISKA: Escaping some cushy human prison is gru8's play to me. They didn't even try to torture us!

VRISKA: Even my protégé managed to free herself of this sad excuse for a facility.

JOHN: oh.

JOHN: wait, rose's kid was here with you?

VRISKA: That's what I said! Try and keep up, cryptkeeper.

JOHN: ok, well, if you would stop shaking your head and look at me you'd know i am rolling my eyes so hard right now.

JOHN: anyway!!

JOHN: where do i begin! uhh... ok, so roxy has this secret lair that's for some reason hidden underneath our old bed, the world is gonna fall apart... umm what else... oh! there's this thingy called "the Plot Point"--

VRISKA: Yeah, I know.

JOHN: you know?

VRISKA: Yes!!!!!!!! I Know!!!!!!!!