JOHN: oh.

JOHN: what else do you already know? :o

VRISKA: John! Focus! I can't have you holding me 8ack just 8ecause you're slow and old now!

JOHN: aw ):

VRISKA: Ease up, Eg8ert.

JOHN: ok, ok, fine.

JOHN: ...

JOHN: wait, hold on. back up. vrissy is gone??

VRISKA: You are really getting caught up in the minutiae aren't you?

JOHN: please don't tell me you guys were trying to escape through a tunnel crossing a water pipe and she sacrificed herself by sealing the pipe closed from the outside, giving you the chance to escape?

VRISKA: What the hell are you talking a8out????????

VRISKA: No, you know what, don't answer that.

JOHN: its from a show!

VRISKA: John, she's a Vriska. She can handle herself! I'm sure she can take anything this fake-ass timeline can throw at her!

JOHN: what?