DAVEBOT: to be fair this was typical teen jade behavior

DAVEBOT: honestly shoulda done a little more research into that host body

ARADIA: that is a completely normal human sentence that a really well adjusted person would say

DAVEBOT: out of your god damnt mind if you think ill allow myself to be lectured about normal sentences by the queen of bones herself



DAVEBOT: imagine having control of the cosmos and still getting knocked the fuck out by a cup of celestial seasonings sleepytime herbal tea

DAVEBOT: hee hee hoo hoo i can be in all places at once and have some sort of fucked up fanfic powers but also im trying to get my nap on

ARADIA: uh oh its bedtime

DAVEBOT: she has the ultimate freedom of being the storytime pharaoh but she forgot its lights out at eight past one

ARADIA: wow cherub curfew really doesnt play around