ARADIA: you described what she has as ULTIMATE FREEDOM

ARADIA: do you feel trapped?

ARADIA: i thought i was hanging out with the ULTIMATE DAVE

DAVEBOT: here it goes

DAVEBOT: i didnt scream it at you but yeah

DAVEBOT: shes a muse right isnt that the strongest class or

DAVEBOT: you know what its actually been



ARADIA: processing

DAVEBOT: a really long time since i necessarily felt surprised by skaias alpha timeline

DAVEBOT: once the commander in chief tells you to become a robot and you start experiencing every point in your timeline simultaneously

DAVEBOT: it all kinda blurs together

DAVEBOT: even if i got in the robot

DAVEBOT: even if i got all these crazy petaflops of processing pimpness now

ARADIA: dave you are not a flop!

DAVEBOT: shut up

DAVEBOT: even if i train every day

DAVEBOT: even if i watch every grubtube combat tutorial simultaneously

DAVEBOT: which i have

DAVEBOT: shit is just so fucking predictable now

ARADIA: yeah sucks that theres literally nothing at all to be done about that

DAVEBOT: feels like there is and i know you know that there is and i know you know i know that there is

DAVEBOT: but you have to tell me anyway

DAVEBOT: even though i cant stand the thought of you going on even more life altering and perilous journeys of self discovery without me

DAVEBOT: its t-