DAVEBOT: ...honestly if you guys trust each other it makes sense

DAVEBOT: you really need to know yourself and your partner

DAVEBOT: but in a practical sense i mean how often do you see each other

ARADIA: really just whenever we do

ARADIA: he is doing his thing and i am doing mine

ARADIA: i could go see him right now

DAVEBOT: you wont

ARADIA: i wont 0u0

DAVEBOT: maybe thats why that other dave could never feel the same way about her even after all those years

DAVEBOT: that guy was just sort of going through the motions

DAVEBOT: doing the quote endquote right thing by everyone

ARADIA: uh huh

ARADIA: as opposed to now with all this knowing your own timeline business

DAVEBOT: no thats different

DAVEBOT: i chose this

DAVEBOT: im doing everything because i choose to do it

DAVEBOT: its just that i know i choose to do it in the future instead of choosing to do it right now

ARADIA: my friend i am going to be honest with you that sounds really stupid

DAVEBOT: yeah probably

DAVEBOT: but i can see why he chose what he did

DAVEBOT: he sucked and was lame and needed to be less lame

DAVEBOT: in fact his whole timeline was lame and basically didnt mean shit

ARADIA: it sounds like maybe you were kind of miserable

DAVEBOT: *he* was

DAVEBOT: so he chose to become me

DAVEBOT: and im here

DAVEBOT: fucking chilling

ARADIA: yeah ok :)

DAVEBOT: anyway youve got some shit to tell me about ultimate freedom