ARADIA: lets play a different game then

DAVEBOT: alright what are the rules

ARADIA: no idea! 0u0

ARADIA: why dont we pop over to a place where nothing seems quotation marks right

ARADIA: a place that seems completely removed from what we would traditionally consider to matter at all

DAVEBOT: why would i need to go anywhere

ARADIA: i dunno to get a cup of water or something!

DAVEBOT: i dont really want a cup of water on account of being a really cool robot

ARADIA: ok a cup of oil

DAVEBOT: now were talkin

DAVEBOT: also now feels like a good time to mention that despite my omnitemporal awareness of everything that has and ever will happen to me i actually have no idea where the fuck youre proposing to take me

ARADIA: oh word

ARADIA: fun huh?

DAVEBOT: being real i kind of hate it

ARADIA: woohoo!

DAVEBOT: youre such a freak


ARADIA: cmon you shithead