It seems that Vriska left your room a COMPLETE DISASTER. You wonder why Vrissy even looks up to this broad. Not only does she lack TACT, GRACE, and ACCESS TO A DECENT HAIRDRESSER, she has no concern for peoples' belongings. Your FINE FABRICS are tangled to shit. Your ENTICING ENSEMBLES have been completely disassembled. Your VIVACIOUS VESTMENTS? Vandalized. Basically all your AWESOME ATTIRE has been strewn haphazardly about and covered in dirty shoe prints. You officially have IRREMEDIABLE BEEF with this Vrissy look-alike. It's a shame she already left, or you'd TOTALLY OWN HER with a SNAPPY ONE-LINER THAT YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO EARLIER BUT DIDN'T. Anyway, no point in fix8ing on it. You mean fixating on it.