(Yiffy: Concern yourself with the nervous lad.)

Doesn't help that HER son is here. Must be nice, never having to face this kind of DOTING DEBASEMENT. Sure, his old lady is a TYRANNICAL HAG, but she's also frigid enough to understand the concept of PERSONAL SPACE. Dealing with her also seems to have given him a few scant scraps of stoicism to complement his otherwise DOORMAT DISPOSITION. The fact he hasn't taken a single COMPROMISING CREEPSHOT of this sorry display for leverage proves he still has a long way to go. No doubt if your POSSE OF PUBESCENT PUNKS back at school could see you now they'd throw up laughing. You don't even want to think about the BRUTAL BURNS they're cooking up for you after that televised debacle. What were you thinking, jumping into Rose and Jade's arms like some mewling pup? Even if you declare CLOWN-INDUCED INSANITY, you'll probably have to do some DRASTIC GYMNASTICS to earn back a modicum of CRED. You're not sweating it though. Drastic is the only way you operate.