JADE: oops did the noise wake you? im about a decade rusty at sucking with this thing. id play an instrument i actually know, but it seems the orchids have too refined taste for the bass.

JADE: soooooo picky

ROXY: nah i was already up making my rounds

ROXY: got my new pjs and i gotta make em known like a traveling circus showing off their newest bearded lady

JADE: i do like your new pj's!

ROXY: thank you theyre the hautest couture on the market fresh from the mind of the schoonervilles very own hikikomaryam

JADE: i notice you and davekat have been getting a lot of clothes from her recently

ROXY: yeah aside from getting those guys to wear something other than the same stank pjs everyday

JADE: (heheh)

ROXY: its also just good to keep her busy with something other than brooding in quiet contemplation all hours of the non-day

ROXY: anywho

ROXY: whatre you cooking up in here harl