JADE: im growing orchids onto the trunk of this tree!

ROXY: they just grow hanging off the branch like that?

JADE: yeah! orchids are a type of plant called epiphytes, meaning they can survive off the backs of other plants instead of in the dirt

JADE: the roots attach themselves to the tree and after some aggressive loving and watering eventually they can grow on the tree all by themselves!

ROXY: ohh so theyre like mistletoe

JADE: well actually mistletoe is parasitic, they suck the water and nutrients straight out of the trees they grow on

JADE: orchids don't do that at all! they just use the tree like an anchor to get to their sweet spot so they can grow. for an orchid to kill a tree it'd have to be huuuuuge

JADE: like huge enough to block out all the sunlight and keep it for itself

ROXY: neat