JADE: whoa

ROXY: intense right

JADE: so what exactly are we looking at here :o

CALLIOPE: oUr Cosmic Canonical Correspondent.

CALLIOPE: yoU coUld call it a visUal representation of oUr...

CALLIOPE: well, oUr everything!

KANAYA: Forgive My Ignorance But I Recall Our Universe Looking More Um

KANAYA: Amphibian

KANAYA: This Looks Vaguely Closer To The Door We Took To Claim The Ultimate Reward

KANAYA: Albeit More Fucked

CALLIOPE: this is trUe! bUt this diorama exemplifies something far grander than any single Universe.

ROXY: i think it wasnt all crazy like this last time

KANAYA: The Last Time

KANAYA: Youve Been Here Before

ROXY: yea it was like a million years ago by now but i came out here once on my way out a dream looking for my boo thang


ROXY: and it was more or less just a regular lookin block house back then

CALLIOPE: i believe its cUrrent appearance is dUe to the work of oUtside inflUence