JADE: you're saying he did this?

CALLIOPE: i'm not entirely sUre!

CALLIOPE: bUt yes, that is my cUrrent working theory. U_U

CALLIOPE: i broUght yoU here together so we can discUss what is to be done aboUt this

KANAYA: Is There A Reason You Neglected To Add Karkat And Dave To This Socratic Slumber Seminar

CALLIOPE: while the knights will no doUbt prove invalUable in the impending conflict... when it comes to these erm... finer points of discUssion their chins do tend to wag...


ROXY: love em to death but they cant shut the fuck up

CALLIOPE: in so many words.

CALLIOPE: oUr trUe goal with this endeavor has been rather vagUe these last few years and as oUr time on this ship begins to draw to a close i believe we shoUld start a serioUs dialogUe aboUt what we plan on doing once we toUch groUnd.

ROXY: god i love seeing u boss up

KANAYA: I Understand That

KANAYA: But Couldnt We Just Talk Normally

KANAYA: Without All This Chloroform Ninja Shit

JADE: it was a bit much!

CALLIOPE: i apologize for my draconian methods bUt i needed to make sUre oUr discUssion coUld be held free from the prying eyes of oUtsiders.

ROXY: yeah cuz this is about us! our family, our future

KANAYA: What Is There To Discuss

KANAYA: I Thought My Plan Was Well Understood

ROXY: ok sheesh well thats hella badass and vengeful but like

ROXY: damn shawty idk maybe theres other options then just goin in slicing his shit to smitheroons

ROXY: and also like

ROXY: COULD you, even??

KANAYA: Id Very Much Like To Try

ROXY: lets maybe try something less fucked up first?

KANAYA: Im Not Sure If Youre Aware Roxy

KANAYA: But We Are More Or Less The Foremost Experts When It Comes To Being Quote Unquote Fucked up

KANAYA: Anyway He Started It

KANAYA: Nothing Remains But To Finish It

JADE: yikes!

JADE: why don't we all cool off for a second, i wanted to ask calliope something.

JADE: who did you mean by "outsiders?"

CALLIOPE: er, yes.


CALLIOPE: i began prepping my Dreamly Majyyks as soon as you were released from *her* hold. we needed to do this before she comes back.