VRISSY: Hey, it's Vrissy.

TAVROS: w,, who,

TAVROS: Vriska?

VRISSY: Yeah, but Vrissy is a Thing now. Roll with it.

TAVROS: Okay, uh,, Vrissy,

VRISSY: We kinda Need a Ride


VRISSY: Yeah just some other people, no 8ig Deal.

VRISKA: ::::(

TAVROS: Are we,, acquainted,

VRISSY: Yeah you know them, in a Way.

TAVROS: I'm,,,

TAVROS: What does that mean,

VRISSY: What do you mean what does that mean? It means turn off the Fucking Autopilot and get to speeding on over here to Find Out ;]

VRISKA: ::::)

TAVROS: Okay, I'll leave presently,

TAVROS: Oh,, where am I going,

VRISSY: Yeah yeah, I'll send you the address. See you Soon.

Vrissy puts the phone in her back pocket and settles her hand on her cocked hip.

VRISSY: That was Tavros. He's on his way.