In her final act before shredding the parentheses like old skin, she extends her hand down to pull up her double.

VRISKA: Nice to meet you, Vrissy.

Vrissy smirks and takes Vriska's hand, letting herself get pulled to her feet.

VRISSY: Fuck yeah, I Love it.

VRISSY: So now that we have that locked down, what's First on the list of Awesome Shit we're gonna do Together?

VRISKA: Well...I know I just got done telling you not to talk a8out it, 8ut we should pro8a8ly do something a8out this 8ody.

VRISSY: Yeah, I guess we shouldn't just leave a dead 8eloved Religious Figurehead laying around in the 8ushes, even if he Sucks Shit.

VRISSY: Especially if he's Rich Auntie Crocker's Right Hand Clown.

VRISKA: Well, What do you think????????? I don't know shit a8out this place, and we need to move fast.

VRISKA: Know any good cullpits?

VRISSY: I told you already, I don't ever get up to Anything nearly as Interesting as you did.

VRISKA: Till now ;;;;)

VRISSY: Heh. Yeah.

VRISSY: Anyway, I have some People I can call. Hold on.