(Jane: Start monologuing.)

JAKE: Uuuuuuuuuuuuh.

JANE: No? It was a huge deal.

JAKE: Was this around the time all those carapacians took a big chunk out of it?

JANE: Yes!

JANE: You see, prior to that expedition, I'd been cooking up a contingency plan, of sorts.

JANE: I put some serious man-hours into it.

JANE: If things were to go tines up, our last line of defense is a machine that will emit a guided beam to a location of my choosing.

DIRK: (A laser?)

JAKE: So were destroying The Point now?


JANE: No, no, no, no.

JANE: Definitely not.

JANE: We are *capturing* The Point.

JANE: But if we don't...


JAKE: Contingency plan.

JANE: Contingency plan indeed.

JANE: A surgical, precise, and most importantly *unexpected* means of victory, with virtually no crossfire.

JAKE: Does that seem...

JAKE: Sound?

JANE: You know, Jake, you've been giving me the 3rd degree all day.


JANE: You're typically content stumbling through life as a soft-headed bimbo, and it's only now of all times you start showing stark, pointed interest in happenings outside of yourself?

JANE: I find that odd.

JANE: Suspicious even.

JAKE: Erm...

JANE: You're thinking, "She's a bad mother," aren't you?

DIRK: (Here we go.)

JANE: Don't you try to deny it.

JANE: I see you, up there on your high horse.

JANE: Interrogating me!

JANE: As if you have the right!

JANE: Just what did *you* do, besides whimper like a kicked dog, as they took our boy away!?


JANE: You can fly, you idiot!

JANE: You're such a harmless, dunderheaded fucking nonentity that those seditious connivers would have *let* you tail them!

DIRK: (Ouch.)

JANE: Everything he has, *I've* provided.

JANE: Everything he is, *I've* nurtured!

JAKE: (Criminy, bro, she has a death laser.)

JAKE: (Like goldfinger.)

JANE: Remember how I willed him out of my body, 3 months premature, because I was so excited to see him?

JAKE: (The rebellion isnt prepared for that.)

JAKE: (What are they going to do?)

DIRK: (Fuck if I know, refract it off Commander Vantas' massive tits?)

JAKE: (Were going to lose.)

JANE: You might be a primo actor, English, with that perfect smile and that stupid, sexy fake accent.

JANE: But you are not a caring individual.

JANE: My Dad...

JANE: He had so much love in him that you could feel it when he entered the room.

JANE: Across all the iterations of yourself, do you think your children ever felt even a MODICUM of that?

JANE: Jade? Terrifying,

JANE: I hate even thinking about it.

JANE: And I don't doubt for a second that there were more.

JANE: How do you imagine they turned out?

JAKE: (I finally grew the gumption to get off the back foot, and were all going to meet the reaper regardless.)

JANE: Let's face it. I held you accountable.

JANE: Without me, you'd have left Tavros behind in a peanut factory.

JANE: Asphyxiating on the floor, crying "Daddy, where are you! Daddy!"

DIRK: (Dude.)


JANE: What the fresh hell are you mumbling to yourself?



JANE: !!!!!!