CALLIOPE: er, technically, the machine stabilizing The Plot Point.

CALLIOPE: the actUal Point is that ominoUs looking bit in the middle!

VRISKA: That's it?

CALLIOPE: that's it!

VRISKA: It looks sort of small and shitty.

CALLIOPE: it's actUally anything but!

CALLIOPE: it is paradoxically massive, and incomprehensibly powerfUl!

CALLIOPE: so mUch so that the fact that anybody was able to contain it at all is a miracle in and of itself.

CALLIOPE: bUt as mUch as i'd like to sit here and congratUlate myself on the achievement of its stabilization, more miracUloUs still is what we intend to achieve with it.

CALLIOPE: and yoU, vriska, are going to be instrUmental to the sUccess of this endeavor!

VRISKA: No shit!

VRISKA: That's kind of my whole thing.

CALLIOPE: yoU're more correct than yoU know! ^u^

CALLIOPE: as we've already explained to john, this world is cUrrently mired in a state of, well... let's call it dUbious pertinence.


VRISKA: I fucking KNEW it!!!!!!!!

VRISKA: John, didn't I tell you?

VRISKA: I totally did tell him.

VRISKA: I've 8een saying that this world is complete 8ogus for ages now, and no8ody's 8een listening!

VRISKA: Yet here I am, right again.

VRISKA: Shocker!

VRISKA: You should listen to Calliope, John.

VRISKA: They may have pretty weird taste in fashion, 8ut they o8viously know what they're talking about where the shitty fake shitness of this joke of a timeline is concerned.

VRISKA: Clearly we need to do something.


CALLIOPE: that was perhaps a tad redUctive, and sort of rUde, bUt yoU're certainly correct in yoUr assessment that something has to be done aboUt this!

CALLIOPE: i'll keep this short.

CALLIOPE: i know john's already heard a good deal of this explanation previoUsly, and yoU seem to be catching on quick!


CALLIOPE: earlier, yoU mentioned that yoU've had a keen sense from the beginning that something was amiss here.

CALLIOPE: althoUgh oUr world isn't necessarily "bogUs" and it certainly isn't "fake", per se, we are in effect completely cUt off from the wider canon of reality, to borrow a phrase from a slightly earlier me.

CALLIOPE: we're kept qUarantined here by means of existing within a massive black hole, from which escape seems essentially impossible.

CALLIOPE: that's where yoU come in!

CALLIOPE: yoU see, we're hoping to leverage yoUr Unique hyperrelevancy here to-

CALLIOPE: oops, let me back Up.

CALLIOPE: the reason we broUght yoU *here*, specifically, is becaUse The Plot Point over there corresponds to the singUlarity at the exact center of oUr aforementioned plot prison!

CALLIOPE: important bit of info, that!

CALLIOPE: now, to reiterate, we want to escape that prison.

CALLIOPE: and not jUst as individUals, either; no, the hope is that we'll be able to emancipate oUr entire world from this narrative pUrgatory and retake oUr place in the limelight!

CALLIOPE: to do this, we aim to become Uncontainable, and to do *that* we're going to Use yoU, a potent plot player if ever there was one, to crack the black hole wide open by, well...

CALLIOPE: by interacting with the singUlarity!

CALLIOPE: by reaching The Plot Point.

CALLIOPE: now there are qUite a few ways this coUld practically shake oUt, and more than a few methodologies we coUld have yoU try.

VRISKA: (...)

CALLIOPE: the first thoUght was just to have yoU "make something happen" here, something significant, mind.

CALLIOPE: bUt what woUld that really entail?

CALLIOPE: contriving an entire scenario for yoU to play a pivotal role in, here at the center of all things?

CALLIOPE: i did consider it, bUt it felt...

CALLIOPE: well, inorganic. inaUthentic.

CALLIOPE: and if we're going to make it oUt of here, inaUthenticity is the exact opposite of what we need to achieve!

VRISKA: (........)

CALLIOPE: which broUght me to wondering how someone like yoU might Utilize The Point itself, as a tool rather than a locale.

CALLIOPE: how yoU might wield it!

CALLIOPE: perhaps it's a portal, and we'd send yoU throUgh it?

CALLIOPE: or maybe we'd have yoU ferry Us all throUgh it?

CALLIOPE: thoUgh how woUld that work?

CALLIOPE: alternatively, maybe it'd be as simple as having yoU attempt to destroy it!